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Theatre of Drams Whisky Symposium.

Mon 23 – Fri 27 October 2017


Bowmore Hall, Isle of Islay, Scotland.

An Educational Celebration of Whisky

FIVE DAYS & NIGHTS of Whisky Events on Islay

with an over riding focus on education.

Lectures, Whisky Tastings, Workshops, Presentations, Talks, Demonstrations

available to EVERYONE.

Levels of learning vary, depending on your requirements.

Theoretical chemistry, just for fun, history, participation in a Coopering workshops, Gaelic Whisky Tours, peat cutting experience, exploration of barley, copper, wood

and lots more….

The days of the event follow the linear process of whisky making

Monday – Malting, Germination, Kilning

Tuesday – Barley, Mashing, Yeast, Fermentation

Wednesday – Copper, Distillation, Stills, Farm Scale Whisky Production

Thursday – Maturation, Wood, Warehousing, Coopering

Friday – Nosing, Tasting, Customer Loyalty, Marketing & Branding

In addition there are 9 official Whisky Tastings

Hosted by the Great, the Good and the Interesting, of the whisky world.

And 2 fantastic WHISKY DINNERS.


Theatre of Drams has events where visitors meet locals,  hear stories about Islay life and blether together.

There is an event suitable for you, for your friend, for everyone


Our Traditional Scottish Food

Whisky Kitchen

will host  Whisky & Food paring events throughout the week.

Everyone can call in for  Morning Coffee with homemade Shortbread

Lunch with Leek & Potato Soup

Afternoon Tea with homemade scones and local homemade jam

Many whisky companies are involved, but  Theatre of Drams Whisky Symposium will be far from corporate


“We want you to make friends, not contacts”